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5 Tests to Evaluate Mattress Quality

MATTRESSES | Last Updated on October 15, 2020

How to find a high quality mattress

Find the Best Mattress for Seniors in Your Community

Use these five quick tests to find the right quality mattress for seniors in your community.

1. Mattress Foam Density

Pick up the mattress. A high density foam mattress will feel significantly heavier than a low density mattress of the same size.

A high density foam mattress typically weighs more and is generally expected to retain its performance for a longer period of time than a low density foam mattress.

What is the best density for a foam mattress?

2. Mattress Cover Material

Check the stretchiness of the mattress cover top. Pull the top mattress cover in both directions to make sure it is a four-way stretch fabric. Higher-stretch mattress covers help to reduce shear forces and allow for better resident immersion into the mattress.

You can also evaluate the mattress quality by checking the durability of the bottom mattress cover. Look for bottom mattress cover material that feels heavy and pliable. Look for durable, high-quality stitching. Lower-quality bottom mattress covers may rip more easily or come apart at the seams.

Cover Material

3. Mattress Glue Quality

Feel the glue seams of the mattress – do they feel crunchy or sharp?

A crunchy or sharp glue seam on the mattress could cause discomfort or increased pressure points. Glue seams on a high quality foam mattress should feel soft.

Glue Quality

4. Mattress Firm Perimeters

Does the mattress have firm perimeter points? How firm are they? Check to make sure that the firm perimeters feel significantly firmer than the center of the mattress.

A good mattress firm perimeter is designed to do a few things:

  • Acts as a reminder to the resident of where the edge of the bed is and helps keep them from easily rolling out.
  • Provide a firm surface to help prevent sliding out during a transfer or while seated on the edge of the bed.
  • Provide additional protection against entrapment by helping to provide a barrier between the rail and the soft portion of the mattress which could compress down.
Firm Perimeters

5. Mattress Heel Sections

Feel the heel section of the foam – is it soft or crunchy?

Heel sections should feel very soft and supple in order to maximize their ability to offload pressure from sensitive heel areas and is a good indication of a high quality mattress for seniors.

A high quality mattress for seniors will have a soft heel section.

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Find the Best Mattress for Seniors in Your Community

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