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The need for specialized, high acuity healthcare and nursing products is growing across senior care, including in Assisted Living facilities. As communities adapt to the changing population of senior patients, you can rely on Direct Supply as a single, trustworthy source for essential medical products and healthcare equipment that meets the challenges of high acuity care.

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What does High Acuity mean in Healthcare?

The scale of acuity is a way to measure the amount and intensity of care a patient needs. Senior patients who are severely ill or require complex care are considered to be high acuity patients, while medically stable seniors are considered be low acuity. As acuity rises in the senior care and Assisted Living industries, facilities must be prepared with the proper healthcare equipment and nursing products to care for their patients.

Caregiver treating an elderly patient

What are High Acuity products?

High acuity nursing products is a category of healthcare equipment vital for patients with severe injuries or complex care needs. Common high acuity products in senior care include positioning devices and recliners, sit-to-stand and floor lifts and slings, several varieties of wheelchairs and cushions, as well as connected and nonconnected wheelchair scales.

Why are High Acuity products so important for senior care residents?

Aging seniors seek to remain in settings most comfortable for them. High acuity products allow senior care residents to remain comfortable and safe in their current setting, such as an Assisted Living community. These products help them avoid any further complications or discomfort that may force them to change care settings.

Direct Supply Atlas Sit-To-Stand Lift in a patient room

How can you choose the right High Acuity products?

Positioning plays an absolutely critical role in the well-being of high acuity patients. For wheelchairs, consider not only weight capacity and size restrictions, but also many of the other comfort features like cushions that support proper alignment.

Look at the overall mechanics and posture of your high acuity residents in wheelchairs – proper positioning and support can improve respiratory exchange and encourage resident stimulation. Keep in mind, you can often find cost-effective solutions for positive clinical outcomes in certain high acuity products like lifts, slings and scales. se

The carefully curated products on this page represent some excellent choices of High Acuity products available. If you have further questions about selecting the right product for your residents’ unique high acuity needs, contact your account manager at 1-866-300-4074 or fill out our contact form.

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