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Choose the Right PTAC for Different Regions of the United States

PTACS, HVAC | Last Updated on December 03, 2020

PTAC mounted to a wall

Depending on your climate zone, you may need a special PTAC designed to withstand specific weather and environmental conditions. In the continental United States, there are three location areas to consider when choosing PTAC units .

Seacoast PTAC Units

Along coastal regions, PTACs should have corrosion protection to combat air contaminants. Adding corrosion protection to your PTAC units is normally less expensive than replacing coils or entire units and prevents operation inefficiencies.

Corroded coils can be prevented by adding corrosion protection to PTAC units

Corroded Coil

Map of United States coastal areas suited for seacoast PTAC units

Dry-Air PTAC Units

PTAC units designed to remove a higher percentage of humidity from a room are ideal for high-humidity areas.

Map of United States high-humidity areas suited for dry-air PTAC units

Internal Condensate Removal (ICR) PTAC Units

During PTAC heat pump operation, the ICR system utilizes a small pump to lift the water from the base pan and pump it into a collector tray positioned above the indoor coil. The water drains from the collector tray and drips onto the warm indoor coil, where it then evaporates into the room’s atmosphere. If an excess amount of water is pumped to the indoor side, it is routed back to the outdoor portion of the base pan. The ICR system has proven to be an effective means of minimizing the amount of heat pump condensate dripping from the PTAC unit.

Map of North and East states suited for Internal Condensate Removal (ICR) PTAC units

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