Maintenance Guide

How to Become an Expert Wheelchair Cushion and Mattress Cleaner

WHEELCHAIRS, MATTRESSES | Last Updated on November 01, 2020

Direct Supply Panacea mattress next to bed stand

Senior Living bed mattresses and wheelchair cushions require regular cleaning to protect residents from dust, hair, mites and many other forms of dirt, grime and pathogens. We recommend several best practices and carry a wide variety of mattress cleaning products to help you become an expert wheelchair cushion and mattress cleaner.

Perform Regular Cushion and Mattress Cleaning Using Best Practices

  • Clean cushions and mattresses between each resident’s use
  • Maintain infection control by not opening mattress zipper during cleaning
  • Ensure staff members wear appropriate protective clothing
  • Use organic mattress cleaners or soapy water on fabric first, as it is often effective on most stains including blood, urine and perspiration. If stains remain, try one of these recommended mattress cleaning products
  • After cleaning, wipe down cover with clean water using a clean sponge or cloth
  • Wait until mattress or cushion is dry to the touch before using; generally less than 1 hour
  • Do not autoclave or launder mattress covers
  • Iodophor-type disinfectants (Betadine, etc.) are not recommended and will stain fabric

Recommended Mattress Cleaning Products

These solutions will not cause fabric breakdown or loss of waterproof properties. Please follow your standard institutional wipe-down and infection-control procedures when incorporating these mattress cleaning products.

  • Quaternary wipe-down
  • Phenolic wipe-down

Cushion and Mattress Cleaners for Direct Supply ® Panacea ® Products

Direct Supply recommends using only the following cushion and mattress cleaning products on your Panacea products. Other disinfectants may stain or damage the product and void the warranty. Be sure to follow the manufacturers’ recommended dilution procedures when using these chemicals.

  • Q-128 Quaternary Disinfectant