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Effective infection prevention and control protocols are a more important aspect of quality than ever before. As Texas moves into its fourth year of QIPP starting Sep 1, consider how your QIPP payments could be used to elevate your approach to infection prevention and control. Invest your funds into meaningful improvements that can help you make your building safer for years to come.

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Visitation Spaces Clinical Care Infection Control Dining Services Resident Engagement Separation Units Resident Safety

Visitation Spaces

Invite visitors back to your building, with carefully planned visitation practices.

Thermal Temp Scanning

Thermal Temp Scanning »

Touchless technology makes it easy to get temperature scans for all incoming visitors

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture »

Take advantage of outdoor spaces, and set up distanced seating areas for visits

Indoor Furniture

Indoor Furniture »

Set up visiting spaces with quick-ship furnishings that will stand up to frequent cleanings

Barriers & Partitions

Barriers & Partitions »

Offer proximity for visiting, while maintaining separation between staff, residents and guests

Clinical Care

Essential equipment for caregiving.

Respiratory Care

Respiratory Care »

The products you need to support ailing residents while they recover


Vitals »

Save staff time and eliminate transcription errors with equipment that transmits vitals directly to your EMR via wireless bluetooth connections

Cardiac Care

Cardiac Care »

Capture readings in-house and save your residents a trip to the clinic or hospital

Infection Control

Help protect staff and residents from exposure with diligent infection control protocols.



Shop masks, gowns, goggles and more

Air Sanitization Systems

Air Sanitization Systems »

Advanced air-cleaning devices retrofit to existing HVAC systems, inactivating pathogens in the air

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality »

Clean the air and remove pathogens to slow or stop the spread of airborne transmission

Soaps & Sanitizers

Soaps & Sanitizers »

Frequent hand cleaning remains one of the best ways to help stop the spread of germs

Surface Disinfectants

Surface Disinfectants »

Establish a disinfecting schedule, hitting high-touch surfaces multiple times per day

Whole Room Disinfectants

Whole Room Disinfectants »

Efficiently and completely
clean entire rooms in a fraction of the time with new
disinfecting technologies

Microfiber Cleaning

Microfiber Cleaning »

Microfiber cleaning products
can collect 99% of bacteria
from surfaces, and can be used in combination with diluted
bleach solutions


Housekeeping »

Reduce cross-contaimination in routine daily cleaning with dedicated supplies to keep surfaces free of germs


Laundry »

Keep contaminated laundry separate from regular soiled linens to reduce the spread
of germs

Dining Services

Safe distancing is especially important at meal times; augment your traditional dining programs with new options.


Disposables »

Minimize risks of transmission with disposable dinnerware and take-out items

Merchandising Equipment

Merchandising Equipment »

Set up grab and go stations
to supplement traditional
dining options

Mobile Buffet Carts

Mobile Buffet Carts »

Another way to deliver hot and fresh meals to resident rooms

In-Room Dining

In-Room Dining »

Everything you need to support individual in-room dining

Dining Aids

Dining Aids »

Make it easier for residents
to dine independently with assistive dining aids

Resident Engagement

Alleviate the strain of prolonged quarantine conditions with activities to keep residents entertained and engaged.

Personal Tech

Personal Tech »

Electronics, audio and lighting to facilitate increased technology utilization in-room during
social distancing

Games & Activities

Games & Activities »

Keep residents' brains active with arts, crafts, puzzles and more that promote distancing and safety

Exercise Supplies

Exercise Supplies »

Maintain resident strength and independence by bringing fitness activities into their rooms

Interactive Technology

Interactive Technology »

Portable technology to increase engagement & stimulate socialization for residents distancing within their rooms

Separation Units

Deploying dedicated caregiving equipment to separate spaces where you can treat residents with active illness can reduce the risk of exposure / cross-contamination to well residents.

Rapid Response Beds

Rapid Response Beds »

Affordable healthcare beds for isolation or separation within common spaces or dining rooms

Privacy Curtains

Privacy Curtains »

Enable privacy or personal space for isolation or separation within common spaces or dining rooms

Room Dividers

Room Dividers »

Specialized furniture units offer storage for personal items, while also creating a physical barrier in a shared occupancy room

Isolation Barriers

Isolation Barriers »

Create dedicated entrance
ways to seperation areas
using zip-walls and visqueen
plastic sheeting

Med Carts

Med Carts »

Having dedicated carts for residents who have been exposed to illness can reduce the risk of cross-contamination

Resident Safety

Reduce risk of injury for residents made weak or frail by illness or prolonged inactivity.

Lift & Transfer

Lift & Transfer »

Safe lifting practices help
protect both residents and staff from injuries


Slings »

Increase your par levels on slings to patient specific, in order to reduce risk of transmission

Bathing & Toileting Aids

Bathing & Toileting Aids »

Offer support and stability for residents to help prevent falls in the bathroom

Mobility Aids

Mobility Aids »

Help keep residents steady
on their feet to reduce risk of
fall injuries

Aids to Daily Living

Aids to Daily Living »

Assistive devices help residents manage daily tasks indepedently, even with limited range of motion

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