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As the demand for Memory Care communities continues to rise, so does the demand for products and solutions to help accommodate the needs of Memory Care residents. There are many trends, like color selection, seat-to-floor height allowances and lighting, that can make a real difference in how elderly individuals understand their Memory Care environment, making it a safer and less confusing world for them.

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What are Memory Care products?

Memory Care products are designed to provide more manageable senior care environments for elderly individuals suffering from dementia and other cognitive conditions.

Why are Memory Care products so important for senior care residents?

Dementia slowly changes seniors over time so the world they once knew becomes foreign. Adjustments need to be made to their care surroundings in order to accommodate their new perspective. Product specifications can help elderly residents adjust to their Memory Care environments.

Darker mats or rugs may appear to residents as a hole in the ground, and busy patterns tend to lead to more confusion for seniors with dementia. Opt for lighter, solid fabric colors for fall mats and gait belts to make them easier for seniors to visibly identify and understand.

Lower seat-to-floor positioning chairs with tilt-back seats allow for foot propulsion to help keep residents safe from falls, making them ideal for more active, mobile seniors. A rocking mechanism on pedal chairs can help calm residents if they become agitated.

Bedside Mats


Amid COVID-19, there has been a 20% increase in falls 1 for Memory Care residents. Now communities can take the guesswork out of unwitnessed falls with SafelyYou’s result-driven AI fall technology .

Without SafelyYou:

  • Memory care residents fall 4X per year 2,3
  • Up to 90% of falls are unwitnessed 2

With SafelyYou:

  • Up to 40% fewer falls 3
  • Up to an 80% reduction in fall-related ER visits 3,4

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How can you choose the right Memory Care products?

Dementia affects every senior differently so it’s important to understand the stage of the dementia at hand and the individual’s personal preferences in order to make sensible decisions on what Memory Care products are appropriate for them.

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1 20% increase based on comparison of two four-week periods, one before COVID-19 and one when COVID-19 distancing protocols were in effect. Data based on detected falls in 23 communities using the SafelyYou solution.
2 Only video of falls are stored, no audio is recorded and there is no live stream.
3 Aggregated data from facilities prior to and after implementing the SafelyYou solution during a 32 week period in 2019-2020. Individual and community results will vary based on a variety of factors.
4 Xiong GL, Bayen E, Nickels S, et al. Real-time video detection of falls in dementia care facility and reduced emergency care. Am J Manag Care. 2019;25(7):314-315.

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